Staron aims to revolutionise the bathroom surface market in both commercial and residential settings, by using innovative surface design with exceptional practical and hygienic qualities. If you’re after a slick looking finish to your bathroom, the brand is definitely worth shortlisting.

Delivering a flawlessly smooth finish, Staron’s basins and countertops combine a luxe appearance with outstanding practical qualities. The award-winning solid surface is a sophisticated blend of natural minerals and thermosetting acrylic polymers.

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A non-porous material that is impervious to moisture, the Staron range provides a seamless finish on any shaped surface, whether on a curved basin or a full bathroom countertop. Totally grout-free and extremely easy to clean, the material allows designers to make a true visual statement in their bathroom without any rims or crevices.

As a completely solid surface, basins can be seamlessly integrated into the material’s surface without any problems, resulting in a naturally flowing and hygienic washbasin and countertop solution. For more info, visit Staron here.

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