Bang & Olufsen and Sotheby’s are partnering to celebrate the art of design. Bang & Olufsen, famed for its design excellence, has announced that it will auction five one-of-a-kind colour versions of its iconic BeoSound 1 wireless speaker, through Sotherby’s, starting tomorrow (July 5).

Each of the five BeoSound 1 models has been engraved ‘1/1’.  

The unique editions (orange, pink, maroon, grey and tan) were originally produced for the public launch of BeoSound 1 in autumn 2016. They were designed to illustrate the capabilities of Bang & Olufsen’s famed aluminium factory. To create each colour, the aluminium bodies were anodised and dyed one at a time, a process that required a day-long takeover of Bang & Olufsen’s anodising plant.

“Sotheby’s represents the height of luxury and sophistication, and we would be hard pressed to find a more suitable venue for the sale of these one-of-a-kind products,” says John Mollanger, Bang & Olufsen’s executive vice president of brand and markets.

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“We’re thrilled to partner with Bang & Olufsen on this carefully curated capsule collection that will be offered for auction. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for Bang & Olufsen enthusiasts and art collectors alike to acquire a sophisticated wireless speaker system that’s also a unique work of art in its own right.” says Josh Pullan, Sotheby’s senior vice president and global head of ecommerce.

BeoSound 1 is a portable wireless speaker system, with 360-degree sound dispersion. Its distinctive design is characterised by a conical aluminium bod.
“Aluminium is a signature material of Bang & Olufsen and a natural choice for this type of product,” says industrial designer Torsten Valeur. “Our goal was to create a uniform expression on the surface. When you look closer at the structures of the aluminium, you get the sense that this has been made by hand, almost formed like an instrument.” In the end, these unique colours of BeoSound 1 represent the finest qualities of Bang & Olufsen’s aluminium factory in Struer, Denmark.
The BeoSound 1 auction preview is now live on Sotheby’s website. The five lots open for bidding at 11:00 AM EDT on July 5. The auction runs through July 18 at 11:00 AM EDT.
One of the five BeoSound 1 will be on display for the duration of the auction at Bang & Olufsen’s Madison Avenue showroom in New York. It will feature a Sotheby’s lot card, complete with instructions on how to bid.

To see one of the five limited edition BeoSound 1 on display, visit Bang & Olufsen Madison Avenue 600 Madison Ave, No. 104 New York, NY 10022

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