The Sintesi kitchen extractor fan and integrated induction hob by Falmec, which started the year winning the Selection Iconic Award, has now gained four European Product Design Awards; winning the Platinum prize in the Kitchen Appliances category and three Gold awards in the Household Appliances, Kitchen Furniture and Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop categories. 

These design awards recognise the most functional, innovative and eco-friendly products of the year.

The Sintesi air blades suck in up to 600 cubic metres of air per hour, its air purifier reduces moisture and odours. The induction hob features four cooking zones in a 900mm surface area, bridged together to heat the entire pan base, no matter its size. Together they represent a totally integrated worktop. Neatly, the air blade system opens when the hob is in use, but close when it is off. 

Falmec Sintesi Wins EPDA Awards 2018

Falmec have optimised the configuration of the Sintesi motor to reduce the amount of inner cabinet space used. Unlike other integrated solutions, the motor is housed at the back in a more compact, vertical position rather than lying horizontally in the cabinet.

Thanks to soundproof materials and an A++ motor, Sintesi operates with quiet acoustics and benefits from energy saving credentials.

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