Australian home and lifestyle company Sheridan, has been pushing design boundaries for 50 years. To celebrate this landmark birthday, the company has teamed up with iconic Australian artist Ken Done (pictured above) to create some unique designs.

Sheridan was founded in 1967 by visionary entrepreneur Claudio Alcorso. As a boy working in the family textile printing business in Italy, Claudio acquired an extensive knowledge of textiles. When he migrated to Australia, he brought an understanding of the importance of quality and a passion for art and beauty. Claudio believed that art belonged everywhere, not just on gallery walls.

Sheridan first worked with Done in the 1980s when the he created a series of quilt covers for Sheridan. Bringing artistry into the home through textiles and bed linen was groundbreaking at the time, when sheets were mostly white and bold print and pattern were seldom seen in the bedroom. The Sheridan by Ken Done Collection was the most vibrant colour Australians had ever been offered for their bedrooms, which resulted in the limited edition collection selling out imminently. The new collection will be launched in February.

If you can’t wait that long, why not try one of the company’s latest suggestions for 2018, the Wabi-sabi look. Suitable for those of you that don’t want to follow straight lines, and celebrates authenticity and imperfection, the Wabi-Sabi look is achieved through an imperfectly made bed, which lends a relaxed and casual look to a bedroom

The company recommends limiting the colour palette to one or two shades to avoid the look becoming too messy.

The ideal candidate for the Wabi-sabi style is Jarret bed linen from Sheridan. The elegant watercolour print ceratinly looks laidback when not ironed to perfection. Sheridan products can be found across the UK on main department stores.