When kitting out a room with the latest audiovisual gadgets, interior designers might have difficulty finding speakers that will fit smugly in a corner. Monitor Audio has solved this problem with its Vecta speaker line.

The Vecta V240 can be used indoors or out, and employs a single point automatic connection system. Installers simply fix a bespoke bracket to the wall, and then drop the speaker in place and secure with a single screw. The speakers can be mounted horizontally or vertically.


An angled baffle and curved tapered back cabinet not only look cool, but also promise wide dispersion. They sport dual 4-inch C-CAM metal cones and a centrally mounted Gold C-CAM tweeter. The speaker can be angled to direct the audio to a specific listening position.

The speakers are cased in an ABS enclosure with rust proof grille, and have an IP55 environmental protection rating. They’re suitable for mounting under eaves or in vertical corners. UV resistant, the V240 is available in black or white, and can cope with extremes of temperature ( -25 degrees to 65 degrees C).

A great interior design solution!

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