If you think of Scandinavian interior design, you might think of flat pack, affordable furniture and clean lines. But Ikea is not the only one using this trend to bring a special touch to house design. Lighting manufacturer Vita Copenhagen has a range of beautiful lamp shades inspired in organic shapes.

Designed in reference to the soft waves of the slow moving dunes found on shorelines surrounding Denmark, is the new Vita Carmina shades. With a variety of pastel shades Vita Carmina lights promise to brighten up any home this season.

“Go for white lamps where you can add the colours you want simply by choosing colour-changing light bulbs, and also because white lamps will suit most interiors when they are not lit. Secondly, go for flat-packed lighting that will save costs on transportation and storage, thus saving costs on the lamp itself,” says Søren Ravn Christensen.

All Vita lamps are flat-packed in small gift boxes, to optimise global logistics, reducing storage and transportation costs, and to make its designs more accessible and affordable.

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