If you’re longing forward to warm winter nights, then maybe it’s time to embellish your fireplace with fine quality stone from Gerald Culliford. Specialists in natural and man-made surfaces, the company is offering a selection of materials suitable for use on a fireplace surround that are certain to make a design statement.

If you’re looking to make heads turn, consider detailed coloured marble such as Rainforest Green (above) or Verde Luana. Adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your scheme, a white marble such as Bianco Covelano will also create a beautiful frame for your fireplace.

Alternatively, the subtle textured finish of the dark Lundhs Emerald Norwegian natural stone will provide a sleek and contemporary finish to any interior.

Lundhs -okt 17--184

Gerald Culliford yard in Kingston-Upon-Thames houses a stock of materials from all over the world including a wide range of surfaces that are suitable for use on fireplace surrounds. Well worth a visit, we say.