Decorex 2017: seminar programme details in-depth

The much anticipated programme of talks will return to Syon House to offer visitors an extensive series of insightful debates that will explore industry relevant topics through detailed discussions hosted by experts from the world of design. A diverse and dynamic array of design experts join this anniversary year to discuss current trends, projects and predictions as well as share their expertise in the Seminar Theatre.

Decorex highlights include a discussion on the future of design by acclaimed stylist Emilio Pimentel-Reid, Francis Sultana and Kirstie Carey from Cole & Son and on designing for the millennial with multi-award winning Afroditi Krassa. A session on taking your brand global heads Monday’s line up featuring panelists Nina Campbell, Katharine Pooley, Sophie Ashby, Natalia Miyar. Acclaimed interior designer Shalini Misra will be discussing using art within interior design. Discussing modelling a business for design will be panelists Charles Leon, Anna Burles and Lambert and Browne’s Freddy Van Zevenbergen. Design faux pas will be settled once and for all in the much anticipated Design Room 101 with an expert panel including interior designers Simon Hamilton, Sue Timney and Joanna Wood.

For those passionate about interior design or those launching their own successful business Polly Williams, the Designers’ Advisor at the award-winning Camberyard, will host a panel talk along with designers Ana Azevedo, Kay Westmaas, Emma Hooton and Robin Sprong offering expert industry mentoring and advice to interior design professionals. With 12 years of expertly honed knowledge advising an interior design studio Polly will lead the discussion offering key business and marketing strategies for establishing and running your own interiors business.

For colour trends, don’t miss the discussion with ColourHive. Sophie Conran, Beata Heuman, Kim Kuhteubl and Farrow and Ball’s Joe Studholme will partake in a candid charrette about vision, communication and business strategy with women in design Other design sessions include a conversation between designers Martin Hulbert and Jay Grierson with Carole Annett as well as a discussion with leading interior designer Guy Oliver.

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Design trend: Kitchen extractors go full circle

This stunning new extractor features a distinctive circular canopy constructed from hand blown Murano glass. Available in either white or amber, the Soffio extractor makes a stunning design statement in the kitchen or indeed anywhere in the home. Its subtle lighting, which glows through the coloured Murano glass, also helps to create a warm and relaxing ambience, particularly perfect for entertaining. 

Making use of local artisan materials is something which Falmec strongly believes in. Falmec’s HQ in Vittorio Veneto is located close to the city of Venice and the island of Murano where the tradition of glass blowing originated many centuries ago. Mastering the skill of Murano glass blowing takes 15 years of training and Falmec uses the finest artisan experts to create the Murano glass for several of its products, including the Soffio. 

The Soffio also offers innovative functionality and incorporates Falmec’s patented Circle.Tech technology. Unlike traditional extractor systems the Circle.Tech filtering unit works horizontally rather than vertically, allowing the air to be expelled evenly through the filters surrounding the motor.

Its unique design offers an enhanced surface area for exceptional extraction rates of up to 86%. This compares with as little as 20% for standard charcoal filters. The even distribution of air also reduces turbulence, and therefore noise for an extremely quiet extraction system (47-67dB). 

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 At 18.26.40

The secret of Circle.Tech’s super effectiveness is Falmec’s patented Carbon.Zeo combined filter. Made of naturally occurring zeolite and activated charcoal, this combination ensures outstanding odour neutralisation and moisture retention. Zeolite has an extremely high absorption capacity for both organic compounds and water vapour and so plays an important role in dramatically reducing moisture in addition to odours. The activated charcoal is a porous material designed with large internal surface area that traps molecules, absorbing them into its structure, thus ensuring the kitchen air is kept pure and clean. 

Unlike standard extractor systems, the Carbon.Zeo filter is re-generable and has a long life, lasting around 3 years with normal use, requiring regeneration after 18 months by placing in an oven at 200°C for two hours. 

Nigel Jacobs, Managing Director at Euroline, exclusive UK importer of Falmec comments, “Falmec, with its strong Italian heritage, has long been one of the leading brands in premium extractor systems, combining striking design with superior functionality. The Soffio is a definitive representation of the Falmec brand and its values. We are proud that Falmec uses locally sourced artisan materials, such as Murano glass, supporting trade on the island and ensuring authenticity for the end user. The end result is a cutting edge piece of design that fulfils an important role within the kitchen and the home”. 

Soffio is part of the new Circle.Tech collection, alongside four other designs in the UK.These models are Sophie, Dama, Vetra and Loop and are available in varying finishes. 

Prices for Soffio start at £1,980

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Trend watch: Get a country feel for your urban kitchen

Trend watch: Get a country feel for your urban kitchen

The Shaker style has become a design classic for achieving an elegant country kitchen look. John Lewis of Hungerford has been designing and making luxury fitted kitchens since 1972, and its expertise shows beautifully in the new range of Shaker kitchens.

Embracing the beauty of wooden cabinetry, skill and experience are applied by its accomplished craftsmen to create an elevated level of detail and finish when it comes to these kitchens.

As trends evolve and develop, this style has remained ever popular due to its timeless combination of simplicity and beauty in design. With a vast array of stunning paint colours and antique finishes to choose from, John Lewis of Hungerford’s paint collection allows you to select the perfect colour whether you’re looking to the latest trends for up-to-date modern design or hoping to colour match an exact shade you’ve long been coveting.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 At 17.48.05

The latest photography looks to reinvent the classic country kitchen with elegant Shaker cabinets painted in subtle grey and soft ivory accents that break up the block use of tonal colour.

Cool tones of grey are the ideal neutral colour to embrace in the kitchen, offering an effortless chic look that will stand the test of time. With each kitchen created bespoke to the individual needs of the customer, custom details can be introduced to truly tailor the kitchen design to your lifestyle. Specially designed display shelving and ceramic storage racks are integrated into this modern Shaker kitchen to provide a unique display that reveals hints of personality. Whether you’re in the countryside or deep in the city, the bespoke Shaker kitchen from John Lewis of Hungerford can provide that perfect balance of classic country in the modern home.

John Lewis of Hungerford craftsmen are based at its Oxfordshire workshop. Every piece of furniture is handcrafted to meet every customer’s needs.

The Shaker Kitchen range from John Lewis of Hungerford start at £25,000 inc. vat