Bedroom trends: Pixel Pop wall art taps into pop culture

Pixel Pop, launched by CTD Tiles, is inspired by well-known comics, films, games and television programmes. the new trend is taking the Fan culture to a new level. There are eight designs available, from the sprightly Red Italian Plumber to Sir Superspeed – a superhero able to move and react at the speed of light.

Pixel Pop is inspired by popular comics, games, films and television programmes. The new range launches following the release of Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League.

Each vibrant pack offers a blueprint of the easy-to-follow design as well as all of the tiles that you need to create your marvellous masterpiece. Tiles used within each pack are part of the Reflections by Gemini tiles, a glazed ceramic tile to protect against staining and offer a pristine, glossy finish on your next project.

From superheroes to magical animals, the eight characters available include: 

●        Green Galactic Genius
●        Green Giant
●        Magical Baby Horse
●        Night Vigilante
●        Red Italian Plumber
●        Sir Superspeed
●        Space Soldier
●        Thunder Warrior

CTD Tiles also partnered with a student from Leeds College of Building to create a Batman inspired design. Callum Pearson who is also an apprentice at family run bathroom and kitchen installation company D.Pearson Bathrooms & Kitchens, created Night Vigilante…

Tracy Hildreth, from the CTD website team, said: “Fan art has become increasingly popular over the years and we believe that everyone will enjoy our whimsical take on nostalgia. We wanted to create something that would delight and excite our customer base and we believe our customers will quickly fall in love with these characters.”

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Bathroom trends: rustic rock refined for industrial chic

The new Tiffany collection from Gemini Tiles embraces industrial trends within interiors with three unique designs that evoke the organic surface of stone. The overall effect of the range is reminiscent of exposed brickwork, with each tile displaying built-up layers that combine to create a highly textured stone effect. The surface is designed to reflect stone in its natural state with an unpolished finish and varying flecks of colour that embrace the rustic appearance of the material when sourced directly from nature.

The range offers three colours to choose from, crisp chalky White, the muted mid-tones of the Grey tile and the dramatic Dark design. Each individual tile celebrates considered colour combinations with a depth of texture in the finish that achieves the perfect balance of industrial chic. The White colourway reveals contrasting veining in a deep grey whilst the Dark design explores the reverse effect and the Grey blends together subtle shades of light to dark grey. The Tiffany collection is perfect for creating a rustic statement wall in any room of the house, promising the character and texture of natural stone with the practical ease of tiling.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 At 17.01.00

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Trends: Stunning new rads from The Radiator Company

Trends: Stunning new rads from The Radiator Company

Winter is here to stay for a few months and radiators can often be an ugly spectacle, with signs of rust or old fashion design.Often considered solely for function and practicality benefits, The Radiator Company’s latest collections redefine this notion, combining high performance capabilities with sleek designs that will look effortlessly stylish in the home regardless of the season or temperature outside.

Radiators have the noble duty of keeping the home warm and cosy helping the inhabitants to stay healthy during the whole winter and well into the spring months.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 At 13.54.25

A wide selection of sizes, formats and colour options are available to allow you to select the perfect radiator to suit your heat output requirements, available space unique sense of style. The new ranges are developed to reflect the latest trends and complement any scheme, from the colour changing LED light options that set the Immagina radiator apart to the mirror reflecting Relax designs and bold linear aesthetics of the Sax and Sitar collections.

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Intellectual property protection for interior designers

Interior design originality and ownership are very important to preserve the industry’s intergity and continue to have fresh ideas and new designs. Aiming to prevent IP theft in the interior design industry, the Society of British and International Design (SBID) has launched the SBID Intellectual Property (IPP) initiative.

Developed in association with TM – Eye, to help the industry to obtain objective evidence of design ownership, the venture updates the archaic discourse on intellectual property in design and will raise awareness of what designers need to do to properly protect their work.

The issue is one of stolen ideas after a commercial presentation, without consent or a fee, a problem that has plagued the interior design industry and left owners/creators feeling like they had no legal support to refer to. This could typically be the theft of ideas created in an interior designed space or product. This has not only been an ongoing problem for business investors in all creative sectors of design and manufacture, but also a problem for consumers who are put at risk, completely unaware when they purchase a look-alike product, to find a poorly manufactured copy without tested safety marques that could cause untold damage to property.

Chair Interior Design

The launch was attended by key industry stakeholders, both in the design arena but also in legislation and policing including, Harold Tillman CBE, Past president of the British Fashion Council, Suzi Sendama, Associate from Mishcon de Reya LLP and Detective Chief Superintendent, Peter O’Doherty from the City of London Police who spoke about the impact and scope of Intellectual Property crime on design rights. At present, the perception of legislation on design rights is often compounded with trademark offences which is not only complex and difficult to comprehend but is also almost impossible to pursue compensation in the event of a criminal case/investigation.

Supported by the Intellectual Property Office, Police Intellectual Property Unit and the Department of International Trade, SBID announced plans to launch an IP register which will allow design owners to register their ideas from inception, giving them the confidence and support they need to bring a criminal charge against IP theft.

This initiative claims to differ from all other IP registrations and destinations because it has identified and provided the solution for enforcing punishment for such criminality, ultimately providing a route to recovery or prevention. This will bring interior design in line with the fashion and music industries as the creative industries come together to protect the commercial value of brand IP. The SBID awareness campaign will begin in January 2018 in advance of the International IP register later in the year.

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Trends: Lundhs Antique Real Stone for modern kitchens

Trends: Lundhs Antique Real Stone for modern kitchens

Made from Anorthosite, the Lundhs Antique stone itself was crafted 1000 million years ago by nature on the west coast of Norway when igneous rock formed from the cooling of magma.

Filled with light and beautiful wood finishes, this kitchen is a stunning contemporary space perfectly suited to the warm tone of Lundhs Antique Real Stone. Adorning the surface of both the freestanding island and the run of cabinetry, the blend of blue and brown crystals complements the sleek feel and modern aesthetic of the kitchen.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 At 16.34.43

The clean lines and natural light sit seamlessly alongside the warm tone of the natural stone whilst the wood grains complement the unique lines and exquisite crystal detailing. As a completely natural stone, Lundhs Antique is extremely easy to maintain with high water, scratch, UV and stain resistance.

The oldest of all the real stones from the Norwegian natural stone specialists, Lundhs Antique boasts beautiful natural variations such as lines and darker areas within the stone, making each and every piece even more unique.

Providing you with your very own slice of Norway, every piece of Lundhs Real Stone is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, stating the origin of the stone.

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Art and acoustics provide a sound solution for interiors

Art and acoustics provide a sound solution for interiors

Acoustics specialist Artnovion has introduced an ideal solution for interior design: printable acoustic panels. Its Azores panels combine art and innovation to improve the acoustics in any room.

The new Azores Printable range allows multiple customisation possibilities. Anything can be printed on them: photographs, patterns, artwork and company logos. Azores Printable claim to be the most versatile acoustic panel in the world allowi the selection of any image for any of the seven panel shapes in the range.

Rock Crop

Images are printed directly onto the acoustic panels’ fabric using water based pigments. The fabric then undergoes a special heat-conditioning process to ensure long-lasting UV protection and colour vibrancy. No additional chemicals are used in the preparation or printing of the fabrics – a more eco-friendly method.

The Azores range is designed for residential and commercial properties and delivers a dramatically improved audio performance as well as a stunning focus to any interior environment.

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