Pixel Pop, launched by CTD Tiles, is inspired by well-known comics, films, games and television programmes. the new trend is taking the Fan culture to a new level. There are eight designs available, from the sprightly Red Italian Plumber to Sir Superspeed – a superhero able to move and react at the speed of light.

Pixel Pop is inspired by popular comics, games, films and television programmes. The new range launches following the release of Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League.

Each vibrant pack offers a blueprint of the easy-to-follow design as well as all of the tiles that you need to create your marvellous masterpiece. Tiles used within each pack are part of the Reflections by Gemini tiles, a glazed ceramic tile to protect against staining and offer a pristine, glossy finish on your next project.

From superheroes to magical animals, the eight characters available include:

●        Green Galactic Genius
●        Green Giant
●        Magical Baby Horse
●        Night Vigilante
●        Red Italian Plumber
●        Sir Superspeed
●        Space Soldier
●        Thunder Warrior

CTD Tiles also partnered with a student from Leeds College of Building to create a Batman inspired design. Callum Pearson who is also an apprentice at family run bathroom and kitchen installation company D.Pearson Bathrooms & Kitchens, created Night Vigilante…

Tracy Hildreth, from the CTD website team, said: “Fan art has become increasingly popular over the years and we believe that everyone will enjoy our whimsical take on nostalgia. We wanted to create something that would delight and excite our customer base and we believe our customers will quickly fall in love with these characters.”