The new Tiffany collection from Gemini Tiles embraces industrial trends within interiors with three unique designs that evoke the organic surface of stone. The overall effect of the range is reminiscent of exposed brickwork, with each tile displaying built-up layers that combine to create a highly textured stone effect. The surface is designed to reflect stone in its natural state with an unpolished finish and varying flecks of colour that embrace the rustic appearance of the material when sourced directly from nature.

The range offers three colours to choose from, crisp chalky White, the muted mid-tones of the

Grey tile and the dramatic Dark design. Each individual tile celebrates considered colour combinations with a depth of texture in the finish that achieves the perfect balance of industrial chic. The White colourway reveals contrasting veining in a deep grey whilst the Dark design explores the reverse effect and the Grey blends together subtle shades of light to dark grey. The Tiffany collection is perfect for creating a rustic statement wall in any room of the house, promising the character and texture of natural stone with the practical ease of tiling.