Bauhaus is adding two new designs to its range of contemporary LED mirrors: Mike Pro and Dune. Offering a range of smart design features, including sensor on/off switches and colour changing illumination, these multifunctional mirrors not only provide a practical feature in the bathroom but also a stylish focal point too.

Designed to offer the latest in functional bathroom technology, the new Dune mirror boasts smart features throughout combined with sleek, up-to-the-minute styling. Beautifully illuminated from all angles, this smart mirror features the next generation of LED lighting, offering superior performance using the lowest possible energy consumption.

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Operated via the mirror’s touch-sensitive controls, which are marked in three subtle sandblasted symbols, users can control the light’s on/off function, its brightness and a choice of three ambient illuminations: cool, warm and daylight. If simplicity is your thing, then the Mike Pro mirror is for you.

Available in two sizes for landscape and portrait hanging, the simple form and classic framed illumination means that this design will coordinate effortlessly in any bathroom scheme. Controlled by a clever PIR sensor discreetly placed on the mirror’s underside, users can turn the light on and off with a simple hand motion, making it both hygienic and easy to use.